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Scarf Festival

National Wool Museum

Scarf Festival is the National Wool Museum’s internationally renowned scarf competition and textile exhibition.

The theme set for 2019 was “Living On The Land”.

An eclectic showcase of original handcrafted scarves entered by a range of creators – from school kids to beginner crafters to accomplished artisans from Australia and overseas – these creations incorporated a sense of place and connection, the natural and/or built landscapes, the places where we live, work and play.

Behind The Scenes with nicole marie

Hi, Nicole here. This is a little behind the scenes info on this project, to provide some context for you to enjoy the imagery more closely.

I was engaged by one of my regular clients, the National Wool Museum in Geelong, to document their Scarf Festival exhibition, which is an internationally renowned competition, culminating in an annual exhibition of community creations. Each year, there’s a set theme and this particular year it was living on the land. So scarf makers were encouraged to incorporate natural or built landscapes and the places where people live, work and play into their designs.

It was utterly impressive to see the range and creativity in these pieces. It was a very tactile and colourful exhibition, which appealed greatly to all ages. I always leave feeling very inflated with inspiration after these kinds of shoots, where I get to be surrounded by connected community creations.

The images taken were used by the museum to document the show for their archive. This means that people that weren’t able to visit the show in person, are still able to experience the content online. I really love contributing to increased accessibility of the arts and of our local history.

Thanks for taking the time to listen in today. If you’d like to chat about your upcoming projects with me, please call me or e-mail me through my contact page. Love to hear from you.

Scarf Festival

Nicole Marie Photography

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