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Spidergoat & The Insect Electro Exhibition

National Wool Museum

Acclaimed contemporary artist Kathy Holowko’s Spidergoat & The Insect Electro  exhibition at the National Wool Museum is an enchanting installation provoked by the story of goats making spidersilk in the USA.

Forming part of Geelong’s After Dark experiences, this temporary installation unravelled the unusual and thought provoking story of the new animal fibre – with USA based researchers now breeding ‘Spidergoats’ to produce artificial silk from their milk.

With the fibre recognised as being stronger than steel, Spidergoat & The Insect Electro takes visitors through the story of this incredible scientific development, with light filled cocoons and electro beats guiding visitors throughout the installation.

Behind The Scenes with nicole marie

Hi, Nicole here. This is a little behind the scenes info on this project, to provide some context for you to enjoy the imagery more closely.

I was engaged by one of my clients – the National Wool Museum in Geelong, to document a pretty special installation titled Spidergoat and the Insect Electro, which was created by artist Kathy Holowko, for the National Wool Museum and was a beautiful, ethereal space to explore at Geelong After Dark. I also photographed one of the cocoon sculptures separately that the museum had acquired for their collection. And this is now archived and housed online at Victorian collections.

Thanks for taking the time to listen in today. If you’d like to chat about your upcoming projects with me, please call me or e-mail me through my contact page. Love to hear from you.

Spidergoat & The Insect Electro Exhibition

Nicole Marie Photography

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